Five hours of sleep + allergies =

I fell asleep again with the kids last night. Approximately 9 PM – 2:30 AM. Lay awake til I figured it must almost be time to wake up. 5:40 AM. Wash the dishes. Pack lunches. Watch a video on how to build an email list in 30 days. Son threatens to stay home if I don’t pay him a dollar.

At 2:00 PM: Borrow my mom’s car while we try to replace our totaled van.

4:00 PM: Take a nap for an hour.

4:30 PM: Mom calls.”Fill up the tank with 87 fuel. No other.”

5:00 PM: Mom calls. “Make sure you put on the parking brake and take it off, every time you park the car.”

5:15 PM: I’m frying flounder. I set up 3 paper plates. One for flour. One for bread crumbs. And one to catch on fire next to the pot of noodles.

5:16 PM: Husband yelling: “Who left this paper plate right next to the fire????”

5:16:05 PM: Me: “Well, why’d you have the fire on so high?…I got 5 hours of sleep and my allergies…”

There are some other blips – but all passable. Two of the kids apparently had the worst days ever (diarrhea in school. Being put last on the team and not getting a chance to hit), so we go out for slurpees in Mom’s car. We cash in some lottery tickets and find out we won $11, finish our slurpees outside so we don’t get my mom’s car sticky, then head over to CVS for some allergy meds for me.

Getting out of my mom’s car proves difficult. One kid climbs over and injures the other. Screaming ensues. A window was left open. I have to get back in the car to turn it back on and close everything.

We get into the CVS – the one that sells more liquor than cold medicine. Daughter needs to pee. No bathroom. Avrumi takes her to another store. Finally, we head back to the car. I can’t find my mom’s car keys.

I’m cool. Maybe I left them in the car. Then, we’re not cool: What if they’re locked in!!!?? Avrumi tries the door and thank G-d, it’s open! Then he looks for the keys…

and finds them in the ignition….

with the car running…

in the “don’t go there after nightfall” Save-a-Lot, Dollar Tree, Rainbow Stores parking lot.

Yeah, we’ll fill up the tank and put the parking brake on. No problem, Ma. 😉


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